Custom Web Development

Whether it's a development from scratch or changes in existing codebase, I can offer you optimal and affordable solution. From development from scratch I prefer PHP Laravel framework but can also provide services in Symfony 2, SLIM, Python Flask and Rails.

Data Scraping & Automation

There are many things you do with computers which are repetitive and boring. As a software developer I can automate such tedious and bornig tasks and help you to become productive and get busy in things which are more important. I have several years of experience writing tools that can help you in many ways. Whether it's scraping data from a website and dump it into an Excel sheet or database for further analysis or whether transfering files from one folder to another or applying jobs on various job sites without going thru entire process or making a social media post, liking pictures, sending greeting mails to your loved one.. you name it. Possibilities are endless. I have automated and scraped sites like Craiglist, Amazon, Best Buy, Rakuten, New Egg, Glassdoor, Cricinfo, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many others and helped my clients to save several hours.

Site performance and optimization

I can provide you solutions and tools that will help your site to perform better, laod faster, look better and rank better on Google and other search engines. Contact me for a free initial audit of your website.